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Thread: SLSM Designs Bowlers Slide Sock

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    Default SLSM Designs Bowlers Slide Sock

    Made in the U.S.A.

    You can leave this sock on every time you bowl!

    Bowler's Slide Socktm. is designed to minimize or eliminate problems encountered with slick or tacky approaches. It will give a consistent feel regardless of approach condition. Designed to simply slide over your existing bowling shoe, the Bowler's Slide Socktm is easy to use and comfortable. No need for complex peel-on peel-off pads. No hassles remembering which pad to use for what condition. The Bowler's Slide Socktm even works with the fancy shoe systems. Stop dealing with messy powders that are illegal in most sanctioned play. Constructed of durable, machine washable fabrics, the Bowler's Slide Socktm will deliver a consistent slide with easy care. Yes there are less expensive products out there, so what is the difference? Quality! Construction! and Performance! The Bowler's Slide Socktm does not have a thin material bottom that will wear out quickly. It will not bunch up under your foot like some other products. These are simply the best devices of their type available.

    It's not about being slick. The Bowler's Slide Sock is about a natural consistent slide on slick, normal or tacky approaches.

    Q: I have used other slide products and they wear out quickly. What about Bowler's Slide Sock?
    A: No! Under normal usage the Bowlers Slide Sock will last longer. It is not unusual for a Bowler's Slide Sock to last over 6 month's to a year under normal bowling conditions and with proper care (2 to 3 leagues a week average)
    Q: I wore a hole in a different brand sock and couldn't get another one quickly.
    A: If you do manage to wear a hole in a Bowler's Slide Sock that's no problem. The Bowler's Slide Sock is made with a heavy 2 ply bottom. Just turn it inside out and go back to bowling.
    Q: I like to buy U.S. made products!
    A: All Bowler's Slide Socks are made by hand in Irving, Texas USA! We have special tooling and a special production facility!
    Q: You say I can use this sock on any condition?
    A: We will say almost all. We constantly test our product using traveling league conditions, Senior Scratch Bowling events around the Southwest and other parts of the country. We test it on wood and synthetic approaches in all weather conditions. Our testers tell us they NEVER take it off and have found no condition where it does not work, Slick or Tacky! This does not mean there is not a condition that it will not work in, we just have not found one in 5 years. Kansas City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Tucson, Tulsa, Shreveport, San Antonio. Florida, to California, Minnesota to South Texas.
    Q: Ok So how does it do it?
    A: It is in the design and technology. Using a 2 ply high quality fabric bottom and precision construction, along with the other materials used allows it to perform in all conditions. The Bowler's Slide Sock does not have a low quality flannel-like single ply bottom!
    Q: What can I expect when I first use the Bowler's Slide Sock?
    A: Normally the Bowler's Slide Sock is very fast when first put on if not scuffed first. We recommend that bowlers scuff the bottom of the sock by rubbing into a carpet surface. This will dull the surface and the sock will quickly dial itself in.
    Q: I've got size 16 shoes and my wife's got size 4. What do we do?
    A: Not a problem! Custom sizes can be done by mailing SLSM Designs a tracing of your shoe complete with slide pad. We will make custom sizes and colors if available. There is a small custom charge.
    Q: My Local Pro Shop has never heard of Bowler's Slide Sock and SLSM Designs.
    A: Not unusual. We are a small company that started out by making the Bowler's Slide Sock on a custom order basis. Senior scratch bowlers from around the South West came to SLSM Designs and asked "Would you make me six or a dozen". All were special order at that time. SLSM Designs received so many orders that The Bowler's Slide Sock grew into an extension of the company's business with customers all over the country. Located in Texas it is hard to walk in the door of a Pro Shop owner in Buffalo but we would like to. If you are a Pro Shop or you want your local Pro Shop to carry our product let us know. We can make contact.

    What People are Saying!!!

    Hi, Sandra

    I wouldn't mind at all if you use this on your website.

    As you know, I ordered a dozen slide socks to sell in my Pro Shop. I have
    been bowling at a terrific new facility that just opened 18 months ago.
    Everything is great about that center, however, because the approaches
    are synthetic, they can tend to be either tacky or slick, depending on
    the weather and humidity. I figured the slide socks might be just the
    answer. Since I don't like to sell anything I haven't used myself, I
    decided to try them out as soon as I got your shipment.

    My first time bowling after receiving the slide socks was on Monday,
    January 27th. The approaches were a little tight, not terrible, but
    enough to be noticeable. Even the most slippery sole and heel on my
    Dexters didn't give me enough slide. I put on a slide sock and noticed an
    immediate difference. The slide was just right. I decided to go ahead
    and use it during my league play.

    The back ends were flying, so I took out my newest reactive ball, the
    Visionary Gryphon, and proceeded to knock off 12 in a row for a 300 game
    right out of the gate. Not a bad first outing with the slide sock! The
    last two games were nothing to write home about, but those low scores
    were due to not changing to a duller ball to combat the heavy

    Anyway, to say I'm pleased with the slide sock would be an
    understatement. I'm figuring to sell a lot of them, especially when the
    other bowlers see the difference wearing one makes with me.

    Best regards,

    Bill Arnold
    Cinnamon House Pro Shop
    Heath OH

    P.S. Here's some personal data, in case you need it: Age: 56; Average:
    217; 300 games: 9; PBA member for 6 years (occasional Senior Tour
    bowler). Occupation: Retired from Department of Defense; own Pro Shop
    (just to support my bowling habit).

    I've also attached a scan of the league recap sheet, just so you don't
    think I'm pulling your leg.


    Congrats Bill on the GREAT GAME!!!





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    I picked one of these up after reading about them. Even with my Dexter SST8s I get a better slide with this sock. Great product!


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