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Thread: [ HOW TO] Guide to Make and Reply to Topics

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    Post [ HOW TO] Guide to Make and Reply to Topics Bowling Forum [HOW TO] Guide

    Hello to all.

    To get things started let's focus on the basics.


    To make a post simply click on the topic that you would like to make a bowling post in. Then up at the right of the forum you will see a " NEW THREAD" Click this to make your post. This is the way you will make a bowling post.

    You make a topic, so others can see what you are asking or commenting on. Then simply start your bowling post and then you can add icons for your post.

    As you get reading to submit it to the bowling forum you chose, you can elect to have an email notification when someone answers your post. This is called " Subscribing to your thread"

    When you are happy with everything, simply click the "Submit New Thread" Button

    And you are now posting!!! Congratulations!!!


    If you see something that you would like to comment on in the Bowling Forums, then just simply click on the topic that interests you, and you will notice a few things on the left, bottom of the comment boxes. This is what you can choose from.

    You can make a quote of what the person is saying, or simply click the reply button.

    You can now type in what you want to say as in an additional question, comment, or tip of your own. Again just like posting, click your submit button and your good to go.
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    dosent seem I need the hel p......LOL
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