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Thread: Shot 299 at my friend's memorial bowling event

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    Default Shot 299 at my friend's memorial bowling event

    Here is the video from my 299 game....For those wanting to learn what not to do, watch my follow through in the 10th, and 11th frames....then watch in the 12th...instead of following straight through, I tugged, and crossed my's no wonder why I left the 6 pin! Be sure to watch in high quality! High Game: 300 High Series: 833 (266-267-300), High Average 231 Equipment: Storm Hy-Road, DV8 Brutal Nightmare, DV8 Diva, Columbia White Dot.

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    Congrats still takes game to get 1st 11
    ~Brian Hirsch~
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    Hey, you are a GREAT sport. It was fun watching you bowl those balls, because it was obvious you were enjoying yourself. In the league I bowl in, if anyone even WHISPERED talk of a 300, the person bowling it would be ready to throw down. I've never sniffed a 300, but I am a huge baseball fan, and superstitious as a result... YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT A NO HITTER, and ESPECIALLY NOT A PERFECT GAME!!!! hahahahahahahaha.

    You're a great sport. Sorry for your tough luck, but man, just to have that opportunity. If you don't already have a 300, you'll get one soon. You throw a nice ball.
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