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Thread: Taboo Spare - Input

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    Default Taboo Spare - Input

    Any Taboo Spare throwers out there?
    I have been looking for a spareball and by the looks of it I could use this ball as a strike ball in dry conditions.
    Just seeing if anyone out there has any experience with them.

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    There is a guy I bowl on one of my leagues that uses one.

    Haven't seen one other than that though.
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    Personally, I think it hooks too much for regular use as a spare ball unless you're able to flatten out your wrist. Great strike ball on drier lanes. Not too bad on medium-light either.
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    I had it, but gave away. I got it free when I bought the Taboo Blue/Silver. I also think it's too strong. All my bowling balls have the same layout, RICO. So the ball surface dictates when I'm going to use it. I got rid of it, because my Storm Natural Pearl is just strong enough when the lanes are really dry. I don't use a spare ball, since I use my strike ball on spares.
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    I had the choice of either the hammer axe or taboo. I choose the axe shot 613 first night with that ball. I play a line with hook to the pocket with the axe. I have lt-48 and white dot 16's, tzone*cracked and axe 15 all hook fine for me on similar line. I like to play a certain line with my plastics and I think the taboo would have been too much for that line. I believe for myself the taboo line would be similar to the way I play urethane. So, my conclusion was use puck plastic or urethane.

    In a couple weeks,too busy right now, I'll do videos with the hammer axe and another for the lord field korrupt. Maybe compare the axe to urethane in that video. Sounds silly to most to waste time on a plastic ball but I score find with them.
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