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    Default Ebonite - The One

    I bought this ball so that I would have the "Daddy" to my Infinite One. I was glad to see they came back out with it as I had heard such great reviews. Drawbacks to this particular ball and the way I throw it and what I need it to do is there is a side weight. The side weight was over 2 oz. I am told that is quite a bit. For me the extra weight being taken out of the ball means I have to throw it just a bit harder than my Hammer Black Widow Pearl.

    Overall after 3 games last night I was highly impressed with it's reaction to the dry lanes (they had not oiled for league yet) versus the Widow. This one actually goes a bit longer before the break throwing between 17 and 17.6. Once I got a feel for the ball I had no problem slamming the pocket consistently. I will know better how it is going to react to oilier conditions and will update accordingly.

    Here is the info on this ball from Ebonite:

    The One

    The One is one of the most successful high performance products in recent history, and the market has called for its return. The only change that has been made is in the surface finish. We removed the final polish stage of Powerhouse factory finish and are re-releasing The One at 4000 Grit Sanded with Abralon Pads. This will provide more overall ball motion in today’s slicker oil environments. If you would like to have The One in its original factory finish, simply apply Powerhouse Factory Finish on top of the 4000 Grit Surface.

    Category ----- Value
    Style ---------- 029744-78510
    Color ---------- Purple/Teal/Navy Blue
    Reaction ------ Length with Strong Backend
    Coverstock --- GB 10.7
    Core ----------- Centrex Symmetric Mass Bias
    Weight -------- 12-16 LBS.
    RG / Differential
    Category -----RG ---------Diff
    #12 ---------2.62 ---------.046
    #13 ---------2.59 ---------.043
    #14 ---------2.49 --------- .053
    #15 ---------2.46 ---------.056
    #16 --------- 2.51 --------- .037

    EDIT:Well I will say this about this ball, it will hook out of the house if you do not get it under control. If your oil pattern breaks down fast and a lot you better be prepared to move around especially if you have a side weight in it. I could release this dead center at the line and put it out to the 3-4 board and it would cross every time.

    My personal opinion of this ball is WOW!!!! I love it, but man I need to practice some with it before next week. I give it 2 very big thumbs up.
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    Great review thanks for sharing with us
    Go Broncos!

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    Default The One

    I was referred to this ball by my local pro shop. I asked for a beginners ball to learn throwing a hooking ball. It took me a few weeks to learn with this ball because of its strong back end. Once i became used to the ball and the speeed at which i had to throw it I really love this ball. I used to throw as hard as i could when using a srtaight ball. By using this ball and learning to throw a hooking ball I increased my average by almost 50 pins. Great ball.....

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    This is the ball I'm planning on getting as soon as I liquidate most of my old GameCube games and the console. I've borrowed the one my friend owns on multiple occasions and love it. Just to show my friends the difference in bowling styles, I did my release which is mid speed (prolly 15 mph) with a mid-high rev rate, and showed the break pattern. Suits me perfectly. Then did a high speed, mid rev's release and showed the slight hook that it has. Dropped the speed even more, cranked the revs up, and showed them the hook it made.

    I love the back end reaction it has. For myself, I need to drop the speed just a little bit more, and raise the revs to get the reaction I'm looking for. I'm definitely getting this.

    And I do the same thing rs14 did. I'm stuck with using house balls, and I have to heave them down the lane or put 10 million rev's on it to hook like I want. I bowled 9 games today, and my shoulder hurts like mad (14lb house ball...wrist is getting better). Bowled 10 games last Saturday w/ this ball (15lb 2oz...or something) and didn't have any pain. LOVE THIS BALL! Getting one soon. Can't wait!
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