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    Default Power Swing

    Introducing the Power Swing - the latest high-performance beauty from Columbia 300. One that features a new strike hungry, flaring TriRib asymmetric core that provides a higher RG (2.51) plus greater differential (.051) than the Resurgence core. We then took this aggressive core and wrapped it with the proven NE2Maxx coverstock, making the Power Swing the ultimate ball for any bowler in search of more overall hook and control.

    Color Black/Red/Silver
    Reaction Hard Turn
    Veneer NE2MAXX
    Surface 4000 Abralon®
    Core TriRib
    Weights 12-16 lbs

    16# RG 2.51
    16# Diff 0.049
    15# RG 2.51
    15# Diff 0.051
    14# RG 2.52
    14# Diff 0.053

    Hook Rating
    Hook Oil 40
    Backend 36

    World Wide Release Jan 22, 2009
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    Here's a video of me throwing the Columbia 300 Power Swing...this ball is such an amazing ball that i just can not say enough good things about it!

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