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    Ball specs – 15 lbs 3 oz, 3.32 top weight, and 3.5 -inch pin.

    Using the dual angle method, the Deranged was drilled with a 4 1/4 inch pin distance, 75 degree drill angle and a 30 degree VAL angle. Using Storm’s drilling methodology the layout is 4 1/4 pin X 5 3/4 PSA X 2 inch pin buffer. An X-hole was not needed. The surface was left OOB which is 1500 polished. Based on my Disturbed layout, I increased the drill angle, shortened the pin distance and decreased the VAL angle. From a layout perspective I was looking to compliment the pearl cover stock to get more length and a stronger move down lane.

    My initial outing with the Deranged was on the USBC White # 2 pattern. When I rolled it during practice it was a little over/under due to the pattern and the polished pearl cover stock. I decided to start the evening with a similarly drilled but duller Disturbed. The Deranged came back out of the bag at the end of the second game of a four game block when the Disturbed started to burn too early. As advertised and as expected the Deranged glided easily through the front part of the lane and allowed me to open up the backend. I ended up moving back to the right slightly with both my feet and target and felt like I had a lot of area especially on the back end of the lane. I would describe the motion of the Deranged as a hard arc; almost skid/flip depending on rev rate and amount of axis rotation. The Deranged also retains a lot of energy for the backend of the lane as I had some messengers even with my slower ball speed.

    The Deranged, as designed and as others have stated, is a wonderful compliment to the Disturbed. It provides additional length and a quicker move off the friction down lane than the Disturbed.

    John Brodersen
    RG amateur staff
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    Thanks for the review, very appropriate with this week's give away. How many boards difference would you say you got with the deranged vice the disturbed?

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    The Deranged is about 3 boards less in overall hook than the Disturbed due to the added length. The Deranged hook is all on the backend. Your mileage may vary based on lane conditions, surface prep, ball speed, rev rate, loft and axis tilt/rotation.


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