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Thread: Any Casualties?

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    Default Any Casualties?

    So... My Pats couldn't make it in with an 11-5 record. I'm a bit mad about that. That's pretty difficult to take when the NFC has teams that can finish with 9 or 10 wins and get in pretty easily. And then there's San Diego.... Don't get me started!!!!

    An Cowboys fans out there? Are you still with us? Ouch.... Too soon? Thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    My Bears had their chance and blew it again. Well, as I tell every cub fan at the start of the new season, "wait 'til next year."

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    I love the wait until next year comment, I hear that and see it applied to every sport in cincinnati. This just goes to show that in Cincinnati, we know there's a 50% chance of any of our teams making play offs, I'd take these odds over Detroit any year. Maybe next life Detroit!

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    I guess the next life has arrived, because the Lions are going to win a lot more games than the Bungles, plus the Lions are going to.......MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!!!
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