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Thread: Radical Yeti Untamed Bowling Ball Reaction Video by

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    Default Radical Yeti Untamed Bowling Ball Reaction Video by

    The beast is back and the chains are gone... the Yeti Untamed is the baddest ball around!

    The Yeti Untamed features the same dynamic Yeti core that was featured in the original Yeti. The difference is the new resin base coverstock which is much stronger than the original version.

    The Yeti Untamed will go long and turn hard on the backend for unrivaled carry and pin action. Turn it loose and watch it tear pins apart!
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    Green is my favorite color. I think this would be a great ball for me. Ugh so many good choices. I'm between this one and DV8 Dude. I really feel this Untamed should be the ball for me. Certainly would be a good stepdown to my Endless Nightmare
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