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    This is at Keystone in Norwalk, CA ( close to long beach, whitter,downey)

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    There are lots of knowledgeable bowlers on this site, I'm sure they will be willing to help you. I'm not exactly a bowling coach, or anything, so anything I take has to REALLY be taken with a grain of salt.

    First, what do you want help with? Are you concerned with your release, or your line, your grip on the ball, what? The more information you can give us, the better we can try to help.

    The first thing I noticed was your approach. I noticed you do the three steps and release. That can be effective, but you look very mechanical, like you're concentrating on it too hard. I read once that the approach is the most important part of bowling, because if your approach is off, everything will be off. Take steps that are comfortable to you. Bend your knees a little bit, be comfortable in your approach. You shouldn't have to think about it. You'll know you have it down when you never have to worry about where you are on the floor. You willl just know where you will end up.

    I catch a bit of grief from my bowling team because my first step is very slow and deliberate. It's just what I'm used to, and it's what I do. It's not that I'm concentrating on it too much, it's almost like a golfer's practice swing, I'm just getting a feel for my footing, and one last good stare down the lane before I speed up my approach and let it go. They call me elmer fudd (be very very quiet....) I guess that's where I'd begin....

    Really, without knowing what it is you want to do, it's hard to say what you SHOULD do. Of course, a bowling lesson or two, would be the BEST way to help your game. If you find a good coach, it will work wonders for your game.
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    Kevin said everything most of us there would tell you.

    What type of ball do you use?

    How is it drilled: aggressive, delayed reaction, sharp break point?

    Lanes dry or oily? heavy oil ball on dry lanes too much friction, dry type ball on oily lanes no reaction.

    Ball weight?


    Video tape your approach and release with more light.

    A 213 is not too shabby.

    Talk to a Coach and/or the Pro Shop for what you think your lacking in your game.
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    I agree above - knowing what you want to do is the first thing to accomplish how to do it.

    Also - your approach does look too 'can-like'. Be relaxed - I used to count in my head during my approach to keep my timing and rhythm in sync. I'm to the point now where my footing is not my aspect of my game I worry about. I lean towards my release and target area.

    Your release based off lighting looked different (varied hand position of release). If you take that video (at least 20-30 FPS) into Adobe premiere or if you don't have it, even media player classic - (not windows xp/vista version) You can slow the speed and advance frames per second and see the difference as I did. I saved your file from youtube and watched it locally.

    One thing I am working on and I think every beginner should be is consistency - on 1) stance, 2) approach, 3) release and 4) follow through. 3 Simple letters A-T-F, Accuracy, Timing, and Follow Through. Now getting how much accuracy you want (playing THS or sports pattern), timing (getting to the line before ball, same time or slightly after) and follow through (during release points) can be obtained by practice - set a goal on what you want and work 1 thing at a time. hold back on trying too much at once, and take your time. Don't expect wonders overnight - if something works one night, doesn't mean it will the next. But never forget something you learned - if you can head advice and learn it, becoming 2 dimensional would always come in handy - then you just got to know when to do it. I'm a full cranker, but now changing everything to be a stroker - it's harder than I thought it would be, but I show progress at times.

    One last thing - If you can go to a certified coach, do it even if only a 1 or 2 times. They can be great help to see what others are not seeing - PS - don't let them change your style, most great coaches will work with what you have and help you hone out the basic fundamentals unless you tell them what your after.

    So ATF, patience and practice, practice, practice. Never give up and never let it go to your head. Even if you have trouble with release points and hand positions, be as accurate as you can - if you don't get the ball to the pocket, you don't have a chance to strike.

    Also - Have fun. Good Luck!

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    I used in this video buzz bomb R 15, Roto grip cell pearl 16, Roto-Gip Epic Odyssey 15
    I was trying different releases to make the ball hook, but had a problem with a young lady running thru the lanes. Two days ago I was doing lots of squats, so I been sore. Thanks for all the help

    Next week I will try and make a better quality video

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    what everyone has said has been correct, allow me to add a couple of things.
    first of all good bowling on the 213 game, well done.

    i noticed that your pre-shot routine is virtually non-existant, you don't have one. the purpose of a pre-shot routine is to establish a comfortable rhythm, calm your mind and to focus on making the best shot possible.

    i know that you are recovering from a heavy leg workout, but just keep this in mind, although you take 3 steps, learn to vary the force o/f your steps. you have a strong leg drive, which in turn, generates a lot of ball speed. if your hand position is too weak at the point of release, then, you will have trouble getting the ball to hook.

    in order to further assist you, i will post a video taking 3 steps and show you different variations to alter ball speed and increasing /decreasing ball movement(hook).

    you appear to be squeezing the ball, pulling the ball through the bottom of the swing. when this happens, your swing can't flow smoothly and you won't be able to use your hand positions effectively. i will detail this in the video as well.

    don' t get it twisted, your form IS NOT ALL BAD. in fact, it is ok, and just needs some fine tuning.

    this is a rule of thumb that i mention to a lot of beginners: it's not HOW HARD YOU THROW THE BALL, it's


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    and do what works for you in all areas.....i agree with the above posters..
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