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Thread: Pyramid Bowling 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

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    Thumbs up Pyramid Bowling 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!


    Pyramid Bowling is playing the part of Santa Claus this year and is giving away tons of stuff! For the next 12 Days they will be giving away something different each day with a GRAND PRIZE on the 12th day! What's the easiest way to enter? Comment on this thread! Visit the link below for all of the other ways to get entries and to see what they're giving away!

    Pyramid Bowling 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!
    If you or your company would like to advertise on, PM me.

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    Really looking forward to this contest. I've never won anything from this site before, but I'm crossing my fingers and hope that I can win any of the awesome stuff being given away. Can't go wrong with bowling and Christmas!

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    Sweet! Shared this one over on the FB feed. The Path was my first ball... hard to believe I've only been at this since April :P
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    Count me in! Would be a nice way to start Christmas season with a win.

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    this sounds great i hope to see them flying around in the sky on there bowling ball sled lol
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    Sounds great!

    Maybe I'll win something for once

    I only throw a hyroad

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    Pyramid Bowling takes the best product pictures. They have that nice shine reflection look. -- USBC Tennessee (2204-27181) California (222-32895) -- In The Bag --> Roto Grip Wrecker - Roto Grip Hyper Cell - Storm Polar Ice Hybrid

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    Very cool Pyramid! I hope they get some more exposure with this contest!

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    Now that's the spirit! Merry Christmas from Pyramid!!
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