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Thread: mc_runner's scores

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    Back from Vegas (it was cold!) and a few dollars lighter as expected, lol. back to bowling this week as well:


    226, 216, 214 - 656 series

    Story of the night was 10 pins. Missed my target on one ball the whole night. Unfortunately, I had a few issues picking them up. I once again just didn't really have anything to match up quite right, still ended up with a decent series but knowing how well I was throwing it seems like a bit of a letdown (ok I'll stop complaining about a 650+ lol). We did sweep which got us out of last place on position night, woo!


    201, 236, 225 - 662 series

    Bunch of 10s again, tonight I picked them up though. Made a pretty big tweak in my approach at them and so far so good. My balance and shots weren't nearly as good here as Tuesday, but the series was higher... go figure. Still had issues getting the right reaction in game 1, so I'll need to pick up some equipment soon.

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    Decent couple of nights. Consistent, at least.
    Old guy with power (15.5-16; 325). Current arsenal--Storm SureLock, Storm IQ Tour Nano and Motiv Rebel tank (spare/dry). High sanctioned game - 299. High sanctioned series - 772. A.V. 300-s - 8. Longest string - 19.

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