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Thread: mc_runner's scores

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    Back from Vegas (it was cold!) and a few dollars lighter as expected, lol. back to bowling this week as well:


    226, 216, 214 - 656 series

    Story of the night was 10 pins. Missed my target on one ball the whole night. Unfortunately, I had a few issues picking them up. I once again just didn't really have anything to match up quite right, still ended up with a decent series but knowing how well I was throwing it seems like a bit of a letdown (ok I'll stop complaining about a 650+ lol). We did sweep which got us out of last place on position night, woo!


    201, 236, 225 - 662 series

    Bunch of 10s again, tonight I picked them up though. Made a pretty big tweak in my approach at them and so far so good. My balance and shots weren't nearly as good here as Tuesday, but the series was higher... go figure. Still had issues getting the right reaction in game 1, so I'll need to pick up some equipment soon.

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    Decent couple of nights. Consistent, at least.
    Old guy with power (15.5-16; 325). Current arsenal--Storm Phaze III, Storm SureLock, Storm IQ Tour Nano and Motiv Rebel tank (spare/dry). High sanctioned game - 299. High sanctioned series - 772. A.V. 300-s - 8. Longest string - 19.
    2019/2020 YTD highs--High game; 279--High series; 772

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    This is what I get for complaining about my scores last week, lol.

    224, 236, 166 - 626 series

    Games 1 and 2 were good. Found a line that was working and only got into trouble if I tugged. Game 3 I mysteriously lost my timing. Started popping up at the line, wasn't squared to target, etc. Missed a couple spares (chop, whiff, split) to end a promising night.

    170, 226, 221 - 617 series

    My issues from Tuesday continued into Weds. Luckily, I have a teammate who was able to tell what was going on and let me know about the squaring to target (which was throwing my balance off at the line too) at the end of game 1 and I quickly fixed that. Games 2 and 3 were much better. Lost my line towards the end of 3 but kept it clean for a nice 221.

    Positive side here is the teams both did well in general so we were able to pick up some points.

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    Drilled up a couple new balls this week, a halo and a halo pearl. The last several weeks have shown that I need something top of bag and I'm comfortable enough with an inside line to use a heavy oil ball early on. The pearl should compliment it really well as the transition happens, I still have the hustle INK behind that if I get O/U. I also adjusted my span a hair larger based on updated measurements.

    238, 201, 217 - 656 series

    Started with the Halo, first shot with it was in warmups. I was on the end pair (which always play differently from each other) and it was fun learning the limits of the ball, how it behaved, etc. I will say a beautiful line and reaction, exactly what I was looking for. Left a few 10 pins early on but finished with 6 in a row after adapting to the different lane play. Game 2 I ran into transition and had a chop/whiff before switching to the pearl, which gave me a pretty good line though game 3. All in all they felt good and did what I got them for!

    223, 180, 216 - 619 series

    With the way I was bowling I was lucky to get this high. I was inconsistent at release and my balance/timing was off. Definitely a "me" problem. I did run into transition again in game 2, but didn't help my cause with a 4-9 early in the game then a pocket 7-10 before I made my ball change. I wasn't quite lined up with the pearl in game 3 and left some 10s (should have been more inside as my fill frame indicated). One of my teammates got a new ball as well and threw a 300 with it in game 2. Excited about where these will take the game over the next few months!

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    Tuesday 11/26:
    205, 229, 219 - 653 series

    Decent, had a lot of 10 pins though, all but 1 were ringing. Whiffed 1. Switched up in game 2 for a different angle through and started driving a lot better. Game 3 was clean, was dutch 200 until the 9th where I ended with 4 in a row after an adjustment on my "bad" lane (all 9/ on it prior).

    Wednesday 11/27:
    199, 201, 193 - 593 series

    Just kinda lousy. Really tight lanes and by the end was trying to do too much and guide the ball. Got paid for with several splits and not a lot of back to back strikes. Just one of those nights. The other team struggled even worse, and no one on the pair was doing well.

    Tuesday 12/3:
    246, 191, 214 - 651 series

    This really should have been a lot higher. I was throwing it really well in game 1, hit some transition in game 2 including a pocket 7-10 but game 3 started front 5 before a whiff and a chop kinda blew that one down a few notches. Still another 650, I'll take it.

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    Not much to report. Series over the last few weeks have been low 6's:

    606, 626, 633, 635

    I have been struggling a little with transition in game 2 and also dealing with a wrist injury that's really taking revs off. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks to rest and heal, actually.

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    That's some consistently good shooting...

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    After a couple of weeks off, came back pain free (for now):

    214, 247, 192 - 653 series

    Started off well, same issues as I've been having namely couldn't string much game 1 but kept clean. Started front 5 in game 2 with the pearl before leaving a few single pins. Still clean. Game 3 then started with a big split and I had to make some major moves to keep the pocket. I chopped a 4-7 later on to finish with a lower game.

    207, 206, 208 - 621 series

    Eh. Never really found a rhythm here. Scores were consistent, albeit a bit low. Moved way in towards the end of game 2 and somehow rolled off 8 strikes in a row (4 to end game 2, front 4 in game 3) then even that went away and I basically tried to spare out. Really should have balled down instead of continuing to move in at that point.

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    Oof. Good and bad this week.

    256, 234, 162 - 652 series

    I did a few drills at home over the weekend and it helped me stay behind/inside the ball at release. Which was great! Halo had a perfect look in games 1 and most of 2, stayed ahead of the first transition. In frame 8 of game 2 I left a 4-9 and followed it up (after a 1 board move) with a pocket 7-10, switched to the pearl. That was a sign of things to come. Game 3 was a mess, several strikes but 4! splits. Eventually went to an older ball but that didn't really help a whole lot. Ended with a 4-7-10 in the 10th.

    237, 199, 179 - 615 series

    Similar. halo had a good look game 1 and most of 2. When the lanes went, they went. In game 2 I was sitting at 163 in the 7th frame on a double strike count, and ended up ending the game split/split/whiffed spare after a ball change for 3 opens in a row. Switched to the pearl for game 3 and promptly started leaving 10 pins. That wasn't matching up, so I went to the dare devil trick for a smoother look and that was even worse. Finally moved way in, went back to the halo and salvaged the game somewhat with a 4 bagger.

    Lesson... if a ball is working keep it while moving in, stop changing balls. Need to get better at this.

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    Not a good week.

    204, 189, 209 - 597 series

    Lanes played tight and never really changed. I was pretty much striking or splitting... had more splits than single pins. My look was good when I was dead on but really had to be on top of my physical game. Simply didn't match up that well. I think I had either 6 or 7 splits on the night, including some really solid-looking ones. I didn't help my case game 3 with a foul that ended up being a 21 pin swing, haven't done that in years, foot just seemed to jump forward mid slide and barely scraped the line.

    203, 223, 169 - 595 series

    Grinded out a 203 which featured another couple back to back splits, was better in game 2 and left a bunch on the table for game 3. Only thing that ended up working in game 3 was balling up and throwing hard, down and in. My undoing tonight was chops... had 3 or 4 easily makeable spares out there, but good news 100% single pins both nights.

    I was looking at my stats a bit and there's really nothing that stands out why this year has been a struggle.. no 700s or high games, etc. My strike % is consistent from last year, 56% (although that was down a bit from the year prior due to my lingering wrist issues). If anything my single pin spares are a bit higher this year, particularly recently as I've gotten my right side under control. Splits may be slightly up, but not terribly so at this point. I think I just have to chalk it up to not being able to string shots and getting opens or splits at bad times?

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