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    Lightbulb My Progress - Request Suggestions

    This session was 2 different lanes - 1 with a lot of carry down from previous leagues, and the second lane was fresh shot. I took 15 shots mostly strikes but a few 7 pins and I think 1 10 pin to try and see what I do wrong during these shots. I know I still flare out the side of the ball at times - but after the ball is out of my hand (I do know follow through plays a part - but how much). Second I tend to lay the ball down to early on the lane - without much lift. I do this to split the difference of the stroker release and my previous cranker release which had a lot of lift.

    Anyone see anything else I'm missing. I know the video doesn't show the entire approach, but I was focusing on my arm swing and hand positions. It's a WMV so you can play speed slow if necessary to see it cleary. Still not exactly sure how to post the video in slow mode without losing quality. (These are stil images of the shots where I see my hand on the side of the ball and my thumb at 10 and 11 position coming through backswing)
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    Nice video. Thanks for letting us into your bowling world
    Go Broncos!

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    nice video. looks like your working hard on your game. my 2 cents , timing is a lil late and u shuffle ur feet a bit
    its like ur sneaking up on the pins . i think u could be more fluid

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    I agree that you could be more fluid, that does seem a little slow. Not too much wrong from what my untrained eye can see, maybe you could follow through a little more as it seems like you cut it short.

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