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    The better my child gets the competition gets tougher as expected. I find myself pacing, rubbing my hands together and at times praying to the bowling Gods to assist her.

    Now I am thankful that I do not know how to and would not try to coach her as I see other parents attempt to do. But I do wish I could be of a bit more assistance.

    I have a consistant comment I use when I see her begin to get frustrated "WHAT WOULD JEFF TELL YOU TO DO?" (her coach) Now her response could go one of two ways, it could be he would say blah, blah, blah,(telling me what he may say) or perhaps she will sigh and say I know what I am doing wrong I just need to figure out how to fix it.

    I know that with time she will figure out how to fix the problem with an equipment change or by moving / changing her position. (hopefully sooner than

    The only thing I know for sure I am safe saying is a phrase she finds comfort in when we are at a new house or when she can not see me. "Tic tac toe shorty". She tells me it comforts her to hear me say that when we are in unfamiliar or intense situations.

    Now that she has decided to go scratch at the age of 13, the intensity and stress will only get greater.
    She has bowled in scratch events before only to find herself the youngest participant by at least 3 to 12 years. In doing so and with the help of her coach, she has learned to over come the noise and the variety of behaviors that comes with high school and college events.

    Now normaly the other participants are of course not happy to have been beat if she wins or just plain out bowls them. When they find out old she is they are either very nice and complementary or rather ugly and moody.

    Hearing the comments made by parents or bowlers who may have at one time bowled with her when her handicap was of use to them can be hurtful as well.

    When she hears things like this, she puts a target on the bowlers back and trys to take them out at all costs. So obviously she handles it by beating or attempting to beat them.

    I need to know if there is a better way for me to deal with these issues besides praying that she will beat the pants of them because I know deep down inside it must hurt her feelings.

    I know it hurts mine...

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    WOW !!!!

    As a parent we live thought theses moments though our kids. I believe that the kids deep down know the job at hand but its hard for us as parents sitting behind the lanes and can only watch. If your daughter feels that she can stay up with the others in an scratch tournament than all the powers to her and it sounds like she does. She also sounds like she has a great heard on her shoulders and just remember this ....She is in the spot that Diandra Asbaty, Shannon Pluhowsky, Kelly Kulick and others were when they were younger. I wish all the best for her and all I can say is just take a deep breath and enjoy the talent your daughter has.
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