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Thread: Contest Apr 07, 2014 to Apr 13, 2014 - Hammer Deadly Aim

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    Default Contest Apr 07, 2014 to Apr 13, 2014 - Hammer Deadly Aim

    We are giving away a Hammer Deadly Aim for a random poster from Apr 07, 2014 through Apr 13, 2014.

    == General Giveaway Rules

    Every post made on BowlingBoards during the dates listed above will be considered an entry. Drawing will be done the first business day following the contest period. Winner will be contacted via email and through

    BowlingBoards is a moderated site and reserves the right to delete any post deemed illegitimate, automatic, or just plain off topic.

    The goal of BowlingBoards is to bring more people into our community. Participate in the conversations happening here. And while you are at it, you will be earning entries into our drawing.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE! -- We reserve the right to redraw a winner if the winning post is not of quality content. Quality content is at the sole discretion of the administrators. This means that one word posts will not qualify. Repeating what someone else has said does not qualify.

    Just participate in the conversation instead of \"trying to win\" a drawing. The more you participate, the better your chances.

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    Well when I won before it was shortly after I bought the ball that I won so maybe I can do it again.
    I bought this ball last week and If I was to win a second on I would drill it a bit weaker right now I may be able to throw this for the first game and a half then it is just to strong.
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    Nothing's to strong for my crappy style of bowling so yes this would be a sweet win. It's really a great ball. If you have high speed and need something to keep the pins lower on the deck it's hard to beat this ball.

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    This ball sounds like its a really good ball. Considering that cores can crack over time, the carbon fiber in this ball would make it last for a long time. I am not normally a hammer person, but I saw this thing rolling on the lanes from someone in my league and I have to say this ball has a lot of hook, and if its as durable as people say it is, then by god I am interested in trying it out. I am also curious if i should try a 14 lb ball since i cant lift my 15 lb ball that high and I may need to increase my speed.

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    Certainly wouldn't turn it away if I won. Can always use another ball in the arsenal.
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    I've seen a few of them get drilled locally and they roll great for the customers. I would love to get my hands on one for the upcoming tournaments I am planning on bowling in.

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    Hear its a super ball. Would really love to get one
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    I've heard horrible things about it and want to win it to verify that the horrible things are accurate.
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    I love Hammer Balls. The mantra is really true. Nothing Hits Like A Hammer.
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    Awesome ball. Cool color though. You don't see a lot of hammers around but they're really great balls.

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