i bought mine used with about 20 games on it, it came OOB surface, i don't know much about drill specs but this one is pin right with HMB right of thumb. i have heard rumors that this balls cover burns up after 20 games, but with what i have seen from it's performance that is bogus. i am a smooth stroker and prefer running straight up the 2nd arrow, i noticed right away on a fresh house shot that with this drill that line was impossible unless i chucked it 25mph . i have never opened up the lanes so much in my life i was lofting the gutter cap just to stay right of the pocket. shot a clean 258. i then took it to practice on a fresh shark pattern and fell in love with this balls consistency, i was able to play my natural 2nd arrow with tremendous results shooting 278 high game. since i bought this ball at 20 games, i have done nothing to the surface and the ball has been very consistent, now over 50 games and still rolling strong. my only draw back is that with this layout i find is hard to keep it consistent as the lanes break down. i would recommend this be your first ball out of the bag and expect to make a ball change through the 2nd game.
9.5/10 love this ball.