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Thread: 900 Global All Day review by Andrew Jensen

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    Default 900 Global All Day review by Andrew Jensen

    Wow are the new releases from 900 Global phenomenal!

    I drilled my All Day, pin down and kicked the CG out to the right( I'm right handed). I put a weight hole straight across 5 inches with a 13/16's size bit. With the cover core combo in this ball i wanted to drill it for an earlier roll to help cut through the oil. The shape I saw with this ball is an early roll from start to finish and nothing like any other ball that you have seen from 900 Global! When I threw mine here in Omaha NE, Council Bluffs Iowa and the Rockford Illinois areas it rolled early and made a great move down lane at the breakpoint.

    I believe this is a ball that should be in your bag and a great one-two punch with the All Night.

    Wow does this ball hook!! This ball lives up to its name and gives your competition more than they bargained for, when you are striking All Day!

    Not to worry if you purchase both balls, you will leave the competitor behind All Day and All Night!

    #bestballsontheplanet #forYOURgame

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    Have you thrown a Maniac? If you have, how do they compare?


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