The s43 cover is awesome with the Launch core. I was able to drill up the solid orange and yellow Boost. With the lower entry I wanted to have a controllable motion on the lane after the lanes start to dry up, with the extra pop on the backend still. So I drilled mine straight up with pin down below my ring finger and CG kicked a little bit (no weight hole).

What I found with this ball in our line of equipment is that after throwing the All Day and Dream ball and the lanes became drier that I would go to the Boost even before switching to the All Night. For me that holds true most times just because when I move in, I still need a smoother roll at first before pulling out the All Night that gives me more length and backend motion then the Boost.This ball is a great entry level ball.

The other covers for this ball are going to be great compliments to each other. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to get three balls in your 3 ball bag these will do just fine. The hybrid is going to be a 5 board right or left difference from the solid with more motion on the backend. where the pearl will sit is about 5-10 boards ( right or left) more length yet and even more backend.

In both 900 Global and AMF, the Boost series will be weaker than all the other balls in there respective lines. The Dream, All Day, All Night from 900 Global and the Decimate and Torch from AMF will be stronger overall .

The Boost series will come in handy for the Big tournament player and also the everyday league bowler and yes the beginner looking to get a better ball than your everyday spare ball.

Andrew Jensen
900 Global/AMF Staff
BowlersMart Store Manager Rockford