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    Exodus G1 1 Oct 2014.jpgExodus G1 2 Oct 2014.jpgExodus G1 3 Oct 2014.jpg

    Review of the Lord Field Exodus G1

    Layout of 55 X 3 3/4 X 35 - OOB finish 4000 Abralon

    This ball gives easy length through the heads, provides a moderate mid lane read, then makes a very definitive move off the dry. This ball rolls hard and keeps the pins low for good carry percentage. When I would be high flush, I would get that nice "crack" sound as the deck was cleared. For me, I found that this ball with the OOB finish needed to have a some dry area to make a strong move. As oil pushed down lane, I couldn't get it turn the corner until I made some moves. Putting a little more surface on this ball would make it a monster in oil. It comes off the hand and revs quickly, and then makes a good strong but controllable roll to the pocket. I really like the way this ball rolls. Release date is October 10, 2014.

    Steven C. Baker, A3 Advisory Staff
    Lane Masters / Lord Field Bowling Co.
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