Storm Crux Ball Review by PJ Haggerty

The new Crux from Storm is the latest high performance ball featured in the Premier Line. Comparing the Crux to the other balls in the Storm lineup, this is by far the strongest ball in the family. I have nothing but excellent feelings about the Crux. Iíve drilled a LOT of balls in my bowling career and this ball, hands down, takes the cake for the strongest ball I have ever thrown. I have never seen a ball grab the mid-lane this hard and still provide a continuous motion.

I have drilled two Crux so far. The first one I drilled is 5.5 x 4 x 25. I wanted a ball for flatter patterns and wanted to slow the response time down. This drilling definitely provided that. Being a big cored, assymetrical ball anyway, I knew the response time was going to be slower, but I wanted to define that as much as possible. It definitely worked. This Crux is still clean through the front part of the lane, grabs the mid-lane, and provides a forward motion at the break point.

The second Crux I drilled is 5 x 4.5 x 90. My goal with this layout was still relatively strong, but wanted more pop down lane. The mass bias is just to the right of my thumb, which helps the Crux store more energy and provide a quicker response time. With still a very strong presence in the mid-lane, this drilling allows the Crux so store more energy.

Both Crux I drilled will definitely be used on all types of patterns, as long as there is enough oil on the lane! I think tournament players will love the Crux as well as the league players because of how strong the Crux is and how versatile you can drill it to achieve different motions.

Go drill a Crux!