The newest addition to the Storm Premier Line is The Crux. The Crux has an ERG Hybrid Reactive cover stock with a new Catalyst Core. The Catalyst core has a “valley” so that when you drill the thumb you take out less core. The Crux is highly aggressive but still has continuation down the lane for maximum striking potential! The layout that I used for the Crux was 50 x 5 ½ x 45 or pin above the fingers with no hole. The pin and mass bias was not inline so I was able to use this layout without a weight hole. My numbers are: PAP 5 5/8 over and ¾ up, Ball speed around 16mph, more up the back release with a rev rate around 300 and I am right handed.

I compared the Crux to several bowling balls but mostly the Zero Gravity and the HyRoad Solid. The Crux starts up pretty quick in the mid lane and still has a lot of continuation. The longer patterns the Crux was in its element. The Crux was an easy 6 to 10 boards left with my feet compared to the Zero Gravity. If there was any oil in the front part of the lane the Crux was in play! With the Crux I could just throw it and did not have to worry as much about ball speed. The Crux opened up the lane and allowed me to have room where I normally do not! The medium patterns was where the continuation of the Crux was impressive. The Crux wanted to start up but still finished on the backend of the lane. The angles off my hand were a little too extreme for me and hitting power was going away because I was covering a lot of the lane. However, The Zero Gravity allowed me to stay in my comfort zone meaning that my launch angles were a little straighter. The HyRoad Solid also performed well. The Crux was a good 10 to 12 board difference with my feet compared to the Zero Gravity and HyRoad Solid just because of the strength of the OOB Cover stock. I believe with a slight medication to the cover stock (Polish) the Crux would be in play. Even though the Crux is an early rolling bowling ball it still has enough left in the tank to give you a powerful backend motion.

Dan Schaden Jr
Storm/ RotoGrip Staff
Vise Grip Staff