Right Handed
Ball weight: 15
Rev Rate: 378
Ball Speed: 18.2
Axis Tilt: 6.67
Axis Rotation: 45*
PAP: 4 1/8 horizontal, 11/16 up
Layout: 50 x 4 x 50

I was really excited to get my hands on this one. I really like the ERG cover and the core is quite fascinating.

I decided to use the same layout I have on my 15lbs Zero Gravity, which is pretty spectacular. I was hoping to get a real idea of what this ball could do compared to the Zero.

Out of the box, this ball was so strong, it was almost unusable. On our house shot, I started around 25, rolling at about 15 at the arrows. The cover completely destroyed the pattern and I was migrating left all night. I ended up moving about 12 boards total with my feet and my target at the arrows was 19/20. It recovered from about anywhere and hits quite well. I was impressed with the overall strength of this one.

After two league nights, I had to make a cover change. I hit the ball with a 3000 pad, to try to get it to make a little bit later move. This did tame the ball a bit, but it was still really early and so very strong. It didnít destroy the pattern as badly as it did with the oob finish. Had there been just a bit more volume on the house pattern, I believe this would have been enough, but it was still quite strong.

I used that surface for two more league nights, then proceeded to make another cover adjustment, cleaning with Reacta Scuff and lightly shining with Storm Step 2. This made the ball quite a bit longer and somewhat sharper. I was able to use for a full set without having to migrate too far left. The polish did eliminate some of the room right that the scuffed finishes had allowed. I also have a bit of over/under at the end of the pattern, but that could be due to the amount of volume we have on the inside of our house pattern.

This is the strongest ball Iíve ever rolled. Iím considering drilling a second to see how drastic I can change the reaction based strictly on the layout.

If you happen to run across a flood, this ball would really be the best option.

A great release from The Bowlerís Company: Storm!