Hand: Left
Ball Speed: 16-17mph
Ball Weight: 15lbs
PAP: 5 left 7/16 up
Degrees of Tilt: 17
Layout: 3 x 6 1/8 x 2 3/8

The Roto Grip Sinister is drilled pin to the left side of ring finger and PSA (Preferred Spin Axis) directly under the thumb with 3000 abralon. The Sinister is by far the best heavy oil hybrid ball I have ever used. The Sinister is a great ball for when the hyper cell starts to lose itís down lane motion and stay in the same spot with the Sinister and can get to the pocket with more back end.

So far the best patterns for me is kegel route 66 and any pattern around 40-42 feet. I can stand around 17 with my feet and hit around 8-9 at the arrows and the ball makes a great mid lane read and makes a turn to the pocket with good angle but predictable. The Sinister reminds me of the original hyroad when my other balls for that particular pattern or situation donít work too well I can always pull the hyroad out and just seems to work. That is the same thing with the Sinister on heavy oil. When my other high performance balls tend to lay off I can pull the Sinister out and gets down the lane easier and makes a turn or if it comes in a little light it mixes the pins up really good to get a strike or get a break for not getting a split. I have not had a whole lot of success with some high end hybrids but this one is reconsidering my thoughts on them and will stay in my bag as long as I can.

If you have any questions about the Sinister email me at garrett.richardson@pinolebowlerssupply.com. I have a video of the Sinister on youtube!

Garrett Richardson
Storm/Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff
Vise Inserts Amateur Staff
Pinole Bowlerís Supply