My Crux Layouts: 45 x 3 3/4" x 65 (favorite)

The first time I threw the Crux, to shoot the ball demo video, I was impressed with its smooth roll and strong backend and continuation. Once I was lined up with the Crux I pulled out the Zero Gravity (with the same exact layout), same line, the Zero Gravity barely hit the 3-pin. I had to move my feet 8 boards right to get to the pocket. I expected the Crux to be a few boards stronger but 8 was shocking and impressive.

Conditions I have used the Crux on: Mostly house shots, 41' to 43' in length with the occasional modified house shot or challenge shot.

Where the Crux fits in my bag: The Crux is the strongest overall ball in my bag. A bit more overall hook than the Marvel-S with a slightly more angular backend reaction as well. For the most part I have preferred to keep my Crux with box finish since I have other options to use when I need less overall hook. If the Crux is a primary part of your arsenal and the cover is too much for your league or typical condition you bowl on, it polishes up nicely.

When I use the Crux: I have used the Crux almost exclusively since drilling it. It has been a versatile ball for me, more than just a ball that hooks a lot. I've been able to use the same Crux for 3-5 game sets very consistently without reaching a point where I was too far left. When the Crux is a bit too much ball I step down to the Optimus.