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Thread: Iowa tournaments

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    Default Iowa tournaments

    I have been searching for a web site to list all of the events in Iowa. Haven't had much luck except for the Greater Iowa stuff but they only list their events. It would be nice to have a comprehensive list of all events (Handicap, scratch, team, doubles) in the state. As it is you go to a bowling centers web site and even here in the Des Moines area they aren't the best at keeping that info up to date. I suggest we pool resources and post anything we hear of on this forum.

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    There is likely a Facebook group for that area that would keep up to date on tournaments etc. I know some very good bowlers up there.
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    First place to start is the Bowling News newspapers at your local center. They have a ton of local/state tournament information.

    Then you can check out:

    - your local USBC
    - state USBC
    - TNBA (The National Bowling Assoctiation)
    - ABT (Amateur Bowling Tournaments)
    - abta (Amateur Bowlers Tournament Association)
    - PBA regional tournaments (if you're ready!)
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