Forum Rules is a friendly, yet strict bowling forum. These rules are in place to protect you, and make the forums fair and fun for everyone here.


1. NO advertising at all in any forums other than the marketplace and or with permission from the owner
2. NO Flaming at all by anyone
3. NO arguing too excessively, disagreeing is one thing, but there is a line
4. NO putting anyone down for anything. Questions, posts, ideas, reviews anything
5. NO Spamming at all for any reason
6. Please use your signature, but in reason
7. Please do not leak out any bowling industry news that is not public already
8. NEVER give out any personal data no matter who asks., its owner(s), and or company will never ask for this, so if someone is stating that they belong to any of the listed categories, it is false and the owner needs to be contacted at
9. No reproductions or duplications are allowed by any means or by any form without the written expressed consent of the owner of this site.
10. The opinions are those of their respective writers and posters, not, its owner(s) or company.
11. No Adult Material of any form, This means pictures, videos, anything
12. NO offensive language, this means cursing

If any of these rules are broken, please click the Report Post button to let the correct people know what is going on.

***These rules are subject to change at any time without any notice***

Final Note

These rules are here to make this forum the best it can be. And really they are not complex, nor hard to follow. Really they are quite simple. Many people would never do these things anyways.

If we all work together, will be the best forum it can be.

Thanks -