I tested my Outcry on my 39-foot house shot. The 4000 Pad finish on the -53M Hybrid finish worked well for this condition. I pushed the ball to the dry area to gain some friction.

My Outcry is drilled with the pin up below the fingers I wanted to have a ball that would compliment my Uproar and would produce a nice controlled reaction to the pocket. This ball produced about 3-5 inches of flare. The ball skidded nicely through the heads as I played just inside the oil line skidding out to the dryer boards. Once the ball encountered some friction, it revved up nicely and made a nice controlled move to the pocket. As with all Roto Grip balls, it drove through the pin deck.

The Outcry has a very predictable reaction, and with the 2.55 RG and .030differential makes it a great addition for the lower rev medium speed league player who needs a ball to go to when cover when the lanes begin to breakdown.

What I enjoyed the most about this ball is the controlled reaction. It produced a nice move to the pocket and devastated the pins. What a fun ball to throw.

The Outcry is a nice go to ball for the league bowler and is good compliment to the Sinister. This ball will make a nice addition to anyone’s arsenal.

Mike Johnston
Roto Grip Staff