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    Default Hello from WI

    Hello, my name is Eric and I'm from Wisconsin. Have been following the forum for some time now and decided to finally post. Currently I throw a DV8 Thug, Ruckus, and a DV8 plastic spare ball. I bowl in two leagues, currently my high game this season is a 300, high series is a 746. I carry a 200 and 207 average in my leagues.

    My 300 came with the DV8 Thug, I threw it a few weeks before the ball was released to the general public, which per DV8's website made me the first amateur bowler to throw a 300 with the ball.

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    Hi Eric! I'm on the other side of the boarder in illinois, though my pro shop guy in in Kenosha!
    In my bag: Roto Grip UFO, Roto Grip Hyper Cell Fused and Roto Grip Hustle hyb

    League High Series: 745 (12/23/19) High Game: 300 (11/23/15)

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    Hello from Detroit. Welcome to the forum.


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