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Thread: Dv8 thug

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    Default Dv8 thug

    Just wanted to say how much I love my Thug. I had been throwing a Dv8 Ruckus and wanted something a bit stronger. The Thug is an amazing pair to my Ruckus. The Thug I had drilled pin down, it reads the front end of the lane very good.

    With some help from a local Dv8 staff member, I was able to get dialed in with a 6 board move (compared to my Ruckus), and threw a 300 with the ball prior to the public release.

    If you're looking for a strong ball with amazing backend motion, give the Thug a try.

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    I enjoy my Thug. I drilled it pin under. It reads early then has a strong continuous hook and carries well. It likes heavier oil patterns, but I've had success on heavy-volumed short-oil patterns by playing deep inside and opening up the lane.


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