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Thread: Sounds like many on here also golf as a hobby

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    Default Sounds like many on here also golf as a hobby

    I have never golfed short of hitting some balls at hitting range. Just not my sport.

    Sounds like many on here enjoy both bowling and golf. Seems the two sports kind of go hand in hand. Bowling in cold season, golf in warm.

    Just sounds like a natural fit.

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    Quite a few of the guys in my league also play golf, don't know a percentage but a fair number play at least a few rounds, in fact we used to have a play day for the league.
    Both games although very different, are alike in having a huge amount of mental game to go along with the physical. Another fact is both can be played at a decent level even
    as you get older and as a guy getting older that makes them both attractive sports to be involved in.
    Tee times can be scheduled on-line at the public courses near me, and prices are relatively low because rounds are down the last couple of years, but at 23 + a round it still
    adds up if you play much.

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    The armswing in bowlings and the swinging of the club in golf are very similar in terms of hand/eye corrdination required. Many top PBA bowlers are also scratch, or near scratch golfers. EJ Tackett is actually a +2 handicap (this means that he has to add two strokes to his score to compete against other golfers who get to subtract their handicaps from their scores. One of the fun things about the PBA50 Tour is that each week they schedule a golf event in whatever city they are bowling in.

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    Bowling and golf, you really don't need a lot of skill in either in order to enjoy yourself. And you really don't need a lot of physical form (except for wrists, forearms, and the like) to play either sport. They do make a good fit with each other. And as stated above, the arm swing are similar to each other.

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    I guess the big difference is with bowling it can be a spur of the moment thing. You can play literally any time regardless of weather. With golf things have to be more pre-planned.


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