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Thread: Super Bowl Thoughts?

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    Smile Super Bowl Thoughts?

    Ok so what a game. I think 92 of the steelers should be fined for pushing and punching the guy who was down though. You know he runs back a super bowl history int, yet acts like a bully. I am not into that.

    Ok so my venting is out. What are your thoughts of the game?
    Go Broncos!

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    B U L L $ H ! T

    Im not a Card's fan but they should have won!!! Roushgdhvgdsfhbsdkfheuburger thew 1 pass for a TD'on man !!!!!!
    ~Brian Hirsch~
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    &*%#@!@#$#!!!!!! exactly what Brian says.... What a crap - it's like he throws 1 "lucky" pass (which was actually a good pass (quietly says it) and a great catch). But atleast his QB rating shows about where it should be. That's a stat that is so inflated - kind of like avg on a THS in bowling. All because he throws 10 - 15 passes a game, and completed 8 - 12 (5 yds) then has a 50 YAC - complete BS giving those yards to the QB, he didn't break all the tackles and juke someone on National TV.

    Yes - that guy should have been thrown out of the game right then and there or atleast let the cardinal get up and show him punching him in the face. Steelers were getting frustrated and they were trying to intimidate. Cards hung in there, but their defense couldn't get to Worthlessburger on the last drive, they weren't even close.

    NFL needs to stand up and start fining and suspending players for doing stuff like that, it's not a game when they do that, it's childish. Hell, he will not probably get anything for it, I'd be surprised if he did. Goes to show, personal fouls are ok in the NFL and NBA, steroids and shooting people are ok in Baseball, but make sure you tell your kids NEVER TO BET on baseball......You'll get banned.

    I also think the officials "fine lined" the calls against the cards, how could 1 team get penalized 106 yards on minor infractions like holding, and the steelers get penalized less than half with most of them coming in the last 5 minutes for personal fouls. Come on, it was so lopsided, it was like watching WWF with not very good hidden mouth movements on what they were going to do next.
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