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Thread: Respect Pearl Ball Review

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    Cool Respect Pearl Ball Review

    The Respect Pearl should be a house shot killer for most players. It gives better length through the midlane than the Respect and stores more energy for the backend. The change in the core number along with the all pearl gives the different motion. For me it fits right between the Dream and the Respect. As soon as the Respect burns up a early go right to the Respect Pearl without much moving. Strong motion on the backend which most league bowlers like to see, and when matches up goes through the pins great throwing them around. Great for medium heavy to - med dry depending on rev rate and ball speed. Sanding the surface will also allow the Respect Pearl to handle more oil. I see the Respect Pearl being the go to ball for many bowlers this season.

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    Just curious, how do you have this drilled? Also, are you bowling on THS or some other oil patterns?


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