I have my Mastermind Scholar for about two weeks now and it's absolutely awesome. I can play right about on the third arrow out to the five board pretty comfortably and can move to the middle arrow and still reach the 5 board to get a nice angular entry to the pocket. I don't have a lot to compare to other than my dead Ebonite Bash, but it is worlds better and has exponentially more pin carry. I very happy with the ball overall and am still testing its limits.

The ball has out of the box finish still and skids very nicely down the lane before making a pretty quick turn. My first game out of the box was a 186, but should have easily been close to 220 since I missed two easy spares at inopportune times (chopped one pin of a two pin attempt and missed a ten pin).

General info stuff:
Weight: 15lbs
Ball speed: 15-16mph
Revs: medium to medium-high (not measured obviously, just estimated).
Pin is in middle finger hole
I don't have the drilling sheet, but my PAP was measured before drilling.

Big Pictures: