Hello and Welcome to the BowlingBoards.com Experience Tip of the Week.

This week I want to really focus on what things are going on when you are away for a few days.

When you log in, if you notice in the top navigation the button that says “New Posts” This will show you all of the new posts that are going on for today and what has been posted since you have been gone.

Also down the navigation bar on top you will see a “Quick Links” Button. This will take you to a very useful tool which will allow for you to do many things fast. One great features is the “Today’s Posts”

Which of course will allow for you to see that days new posts.

These are some simple tools, yet very helpful when looking for great info real fast.

If you have any tips or would like for me to talk about something specific, please do let me know.

Chris – BowlingBoards.com