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    My one year-old Dexter SST-8s are coming apart because I drag my toe on my non-sliding shoe. I was recommended the Dexter Powerstep as a solution.

    But the only two sizes available are medium and large, with the medium being for sizes 9-13, and I wear size 7 2W.

    Does anyone know if the medium would possibly work on the smaller size shoe?

    For now I am going to try to substitute the T5 sole for the T3 one I had been using. But if I wear that out too, it would be cheaper to buy the Powerstep, that is, if it lasts longer than the sole does.

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    I don't have an answer but it certainly sounds like disappointing wear on some expensive bowling shoes. I just ordered SST6, I certainly hope they last longer than a year or two !

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    I'm starting to have a little of the same issue on mine but mine are three years old and I bowl a lot. If I have to but a new sole every couple of years not a huge deal.
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    The SSTs in my opinion are not for toe draggers. I bought a pair of the Dexter Tanks when they came out and are still going strong. There are signs of the drag but I haven't gone through the stitching yet. I'm sure Dexter is glad I bought them due to being tired of warrantying my other shoes (SST5 and SST6). I bowl a ton but for the price expect to get more than a calendar year out of a pair of shoes. I believe this is the third year for the Tanks.
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    I called Dexter and they are going to send me "as a courtesy" one time only, a new sole. Also, they said that the Powerstep should work with the smaller size shoe, and they recommend it to keep this from continuing to happen.

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    Update 2: I tried the Powerstep, but it was way too bulky and caused me to drag my toe even more. I might have gotten used to it, but I decided I would rather still be able to return it and would rather try to keep the shoes as close as possible to how they have been the last year. I still have not received the T2 sole Dexter promised to send me, so after two weeks of the shoe bothering me, I ordered the T2+ soles online, and after nearly mangling it trying to cut it down to size, I tried one of the T2+ soles tonight, and it seems to have solved my problem.

    I bowled my highest series of the season and had zero foot problems. I ordered two T2+ soles, and if the one coming from Dexter shows up, I should be good for at least 3 more years.

    I also ordered a S9 for my slide foot. The shoes came with the S8, which I normally use, as well as the S10. A couple times when the approaches were sticky, I tried the S10 and it was so slick I would slip on the approach, not on the slide, but on the 2nd or 3rd step. I haven't tried it yet. I only ordered it to fill out the order to get free shipping.
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    I was going to replace my 21 year old SST4's earlier this year. After looking into the reviews of what people are saying about the new SST's I desided to wait a while longer.

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    My SST 5s lasted 15 years, and the only reason I replaced them was because I got a new ball and bags last year. The right toe was worn from dragging it, but it was not a problem, except for looks. The new shoes, that have the removeable soles on both sides, for someone who drags their non-sliding foot, are a big problem. The next pair I buy I hope I can find a shoe that has removeable soles on the slide foot, but not the other one.

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    My drag toe is worn past the stitching but still usable just as you said does not look the best. Don't know what I will buy when I can no longer use them. Quality of products seams to be less than years ago. Not spending $150+ on shoes that I know will be a problem in a year or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishkabibble View Post
    My drag toe is worn past the stitching but still usable just as you said does not look the best. Don't know what I will buy when I can no longer use them. Quality of products seams to be less than years ago. Not spending $150+ on shoes that I know will be a problem in a year or two.
    It's not so much the quality is less, just the players are doing things to the shoes they weren't originally designed for ie: toe dragging.

    Player's didn't really use to drag their toe's like (or at least as much ) as they do now. In a way it's sloppy form, their not bringing their trailing leg around well trying to put so much power on the ball and the shoes just weren't made for it.

    For the majority of bowlers it's not a problem and the shoes last for years.
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