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    Lightbulb The chainsaw

    the new control monster from lane #1 bowling. the chainsaw is a specialized tool on the lanes when conditions are med-dry to drier. with 2" of flare max, you don't have to worry about this ball overreacting because of it's skid/hook coverstock. you cannot use this ball to cover a lot of boards on a fresh house shot, however when the track area burns up....LOOK OUT

    WELL ENGINEERED BALL: the core of the chainsaw features a double end cut diamond weight block that is low flaring and easy revving. as with every high performance Lane #1 ball, the carry power is incredible, down and in, point the corner, ride the oil line next to the track area all result in powerful strikes.
    "throw it in the dirt, and watch it work", do yourself a favor, put this ball in your bag, you'll be glad you did.
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    bowls: right handed, average: 208 and rising, style: tweener
    ball company: Lane #1
    rev rate: 385 rpm

    breakin' sucka's jaws with my saws

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    Great post thank you. Lane #1 seems great
    Go Broncos!

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    Default Pin Shredder!

    Official Ball Review Template

    1) Lane #1 Chainsaw

    2) Ball Specifications

    a)Ball Weight: 15lbs
    b) Top Weight: 2oz

    d) Coverstock Type: Reactive Pearl

    3) Drill Layout/Pattern
    Ball is drilled with the pin under the ring and the cg swung in.

    4) Surface Preparation
    1500grit polished

    5) Bowler Specifications
    a) Right or Left handed: Right
    b) Cranker, Stroker, Tweener: Tweener
    c) Ball Speed (estimated): 17mph
    d) Rev rate (estimated): 280
    i) If not known use high track, low track, full roller, 3/4 roller or spinner: High Track

    6) Lanes
    a) Type of lanes (synthetic, wooden, guardian surface etc.): Synthetic
    b) Oil pattern Length: 39'
    c) Oil pattern Information (Typical House Shot “THS”, Sport, PBA etc.): THS
    7) Ball Reaction Characteristics

    a) Length
    b) Mid-lane read: Easy midlane roll
    c) Break point: Sharp break
    d) Backend (arcing, angular, controlled): ANGULAR!

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