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Thread: What is your favorite Brunswick Bowling Ball?

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    Question What is your favorite Brunswick Bowling Ball?

    With such a great line of products, What is your favorite Brunswick Bowling Ball to use?

    I like some of their old balls better, but what do you think?

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    Simply No Mercy Baby....... Until I converted to the dark side and used Gamebreaker, but fell victim to the Visionary trance (Only because I like to use what no one else does).
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    Absolute Inferno. It's my benchmark ball, and I regret not being able to get another when I bought it. When it dies I'll hold a funeral and bury it at sea. Or at least at canal. I've had it resurfaced once, and that helped, but I know the day is coming.

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    Back in the day, the Vapor Zone. You can still get your hands on one now, and that ball was fantastic. Very controllable, nice skid snap motion, but reaction wasn't too much to handle. It also lasted hundreds of games for me until I parted with it.
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    Kev3inp, I also love the Absolute Inferno ball. Bought it off a friend who quit bowling. I have used it for the past 5 to 6 weeks and haven't bowled under a 600 series yet. I have bowled a 694, 689, 711 and 703 with it so far and still learning the ball. Let that ball get outside and it will hit the pocket hard. I think in a few years this ball with take over as my favorite ball ever.

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