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Thread: What is your Favorite Miorich Bowling Ball?

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    Question What is your Favorite Miorich Bowling Ball?

    Morich has a great line up of bowling balls, so what is your favorite Morich Bowling Ball?

    Go Broncos!

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    Default Which Morich is my Favorite? How about all of them

    Well I must admit I am a Morich Fannatic. I used to drill bowling equipment many years ago in my former bowling life and had the awesome opportunity to attend a Ball Drilling seminar taught by Mo Pinnel in Oakland California while he was working for AMF. He had just developed the AMF Ninja and Sumo Series and branched AMF into the Resin world with the RPM series. The Ball Seminar I attended was for the RPM swirl, the Ball Bob Learn Jr set all of the records for and one of my long time favorite balls.

    Now Mo has moved on a few years ago to his own company and I could not be happier: Here is my arsenal with drilling approximations:

    MoRich Weapon of Mass Bias Drilled Label (15 lb 1 inch pin) control drilling.

    MoRich Awesome Revs Drilled Leverage (15 lb 3 inch pin) Midlane drilling.

    MoRich Awesome Hook Drilled Rev Leverage (15 lb 4 inch pin) Oily Lane / Sport condition ball Needs oil

    MoRich Awesome Flip Drilled for Late Flip (15 lb 3 inch Pin) This one is my secret weapon ball gives a mid lane read and then a huge flip at the back end Awesome Carrying power!!!

    MoRich Solid Leverage Drilled for House Shot Leverage (15 lb 3 inch Pin low Top Weight) This is my first ball out of my Bag so much control and reserved power for the pins. I love the even reaction of this ball even on drier lanes. I can change my axis tilt a little bit up the speed and play this ball on broken down conditions.

    MoRich Nsane Leverage drilled for Early hook (15 lb 3 inch pin medium top weight) This ball is set to hook right off my hand so on the real slop I can get instant an instant read. This ball however needs oil even as a pearl and also needs strong fresh backend to get enough carry power. This is a very condition specific ball for me.

    I guess if I had to pick an absolute favorite I would pick the Solid Leverage for House condition at my home house and the Awesome Flip for my second house and Sport / Tournament conditions. Both of these balls reserve so much of their power for the pins that I love the hit power they give me.

    Hope this helps sway a few more converts to Morich! Here's hoping I get good enough to be on staff, just need to get some honor scores going after being gone from the game for the last six years.

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    I used to use Morich exclusively, particularly the Awesome Finish. I also had the Awesome Hook, but I wasnt getting the reaction or results expected. I've thought about drilling the newest one, but purchased a Virtual Gravity instead.
    There's always one off center in the rack

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    Have you tried his "dual thumb" drilling? It seems pretty odd to me. After watching WRW throw his stuff, will a red ball up 5 work on the left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kev3inp View Post
    Have you tried his "dual thumb" drilling? It seems pretty odd to me. After watching WRW throw his stuff, will a red ball up 5 work on the left?
    Up 5 will work on the left but not on house shots. There needs to be oil for skid for the Morich line.
    Favorite in the Morich line: 14# Response w/ 4000 abr then polished drilled 45 x 3.5 x 25 with double thumb
    Coverstock REALLYabsorbs oil fast.
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