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    Default Where to practice?

    I'm new to the game and still working on my release, and my lines. It seems like places around here only prep their lanes for leagues. So outside of league play, the conditions are just crap. How the hell can you work on your release when the balls reaction is NEVER EVEN CLOSE to the same? I get that reading lanes and adjusting to conditions is part of the game and needs practicing, but correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like one needs to have command over their release and lines before even attempting to "make condition adjustments"

    It's just really frustrating. I'll go practice and the ball hooks way to much. Then I go to league and it barely moves. I can't practice for league play if it's impossible to find similar conditions.

    Not to mention that everywhere around where I live shuts the lights off when there are no leagues going on. One alley has glow in the dark marks so it's ok but most it's too dark to even see if you hit your mark. Getting fed up really quickly because I feel ive got great potential if I could only find a house that facilitates productive practice

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    You can try to practice after leagues, the lanes may not be completely burnt. Also they may have oiled a few lanes that weren't used for league so you might be able to get a fresh lanes after league.

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    CardShark, You might want to establish yourself with some of the people at the lanes and perhaps who either owns or manages the place. They should understand your issues and give you guidance as to when you could be safe to know that the lane conditions will be pretty close to what you might find during league. Seldom do I find that the lanes are completely burned up when I go for some practice. If the managers aren't understanding, then I guess you're best bets are either to find somewhere else to go or to use the weakest balls in your bag to practice with. Rolling a plastic ball will likely be a pretty good challenge for most folks unless you're rolling the ball with 400-500 revs. Hope this helps...

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    I have this same issue. The houses only oil for leagues and any practice times the lanes are bone dry.

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    1. You don't need oil to work on your release
    2. You actually don't even need a bowling alley to work on your release

    Timing and footwork are the foundation to everything else including balance and release. Those can be worked on outside of the lanes.

    Stop confusing ball reaction to conditions with release. Stay behind the ball and roll it. Once your form is consistent then you can use different layouts to help create the ball motion for different lane conditions as well as surface changes, etc.
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    From the sound of it I should be a little more appreciative of the conditions of the centers around me.
    They oil the lanes on a regular basis and they keep the lights on for a couple of things. Although it seems a little strange to keep the lights off, the typical bowling center is dark to start with !

    They even strip and condition between shifts during regular leagues and also between shifts for tournaments. They even put it on the flyer for the upcoming city tournament


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