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Thread: New Mongoose "The Clean Shot"

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    Default New Mongoose "The Clean Shot"

    I ran across this on Facebook, Mongooses new wrist support "The Clean Shot". I thought since several people mentioned using a mongoose, this might be of interest. I wouldn't mind giving it a try, doesn't look like anyone has it yet though.

    Mongoose Products
    The NEW “Clean Shot” is designed to give you optimum wrist protection and support while playing your game and

    This custom foam backing offers several configurations all in one support.

    This special foam backing is two sizes 1/8” and 3/16”.

    The “Clean Shot” can be used with the 1/8” foam only for bowlers who want the least restriction but still maintaining
    superior wrist support and protection.

    The 3/16“ only for a little more support,
    or combined the two for 5/16” As recommended.

    The plastic insert can be inserted between the two pieces of foam making the “Clean Shot” a firm wrist support.

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    I may have to pick this up as I've had to miss the past few weeks due to tendinosis by my thumb all the way up my forearm. Very painful. I'm wearing a splint right now. I'll try it when I finally gain the proper strength back in my wrist.
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