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Thread: In search of shoes that might fit

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    Default In search of shoes that might fit

    After recently embracing the sport (I have a first ball and today bowled a first 200+) I find myself in search of shoes that might fit. It's impossible to find things to try on locally so it's off the web I go.

    Here's the problem; I'm truly a size 12.5 and left handed. No manufacturer makes one. Half sizes to 12, then full sized there on up. I'm trying to find a brand or model that is known for running big or small so as to buy a size up or down. I'm currently using a pair of Brunswick Warriors size 13 and the heel is way too big. They slide off without unlacing them.

    I've read in a few reviews that Dexter SST 8 runs large by about 1/2 size. Does anybody know first hand if this is true? How about SST 6 or Tanks? They are pricey but comfort is worth it. Their lower end shoes (Ricky III, Turbo 2) are true to size. Either too big or too small. Maybe Storm (made by Dexter)?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I own the SST8's and they may run slightly large but not by a lot. Most of the big web sites offer size protection that you can purchase that will allow you to return the shoes at no additional cost for the next size and even includes return shipping. I would make use of that.
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    My Brunswick TPU-X's are a size 10.5 which I wear in all other shoes and are big on me. I bought on line but opted out of size protection so just making them work for now so it's not a total waste of money.

    My prior Dexters were 10's and fit me perfectly.

    I think they all pretty much run larger than size in my experience.
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    In street shoes I wear 12 to 13 depending on who makes them.

    I've wore Dexter SST's size 12 and they fit good. The Toe box is a little wider than a street shoe.

    I now have Brunswick TPU-X's size 12 and they at first feel a little narrow. But after wearing for just a little while they got super comfortable. I don't even feel them.

    The HPU-X's are the same as the TPU-X's and a bit cheaper$$.

    Also if you by online alot of sellers offer size protection which might be worth if your not sure.

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    For me Dexter and 3G have both run a half size big. I wear 10 in street shoes and my SST6's are 9.5.
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    This is all favorable news, thanks. It sounds like any of the higher end shoes might work well.

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    Just a follow up for those interested and have trouble finding shoes that fit;

    I purchased the Dexter SST8 and they indeed run large. Plan on at least 1/2 smaller in the SST than you regularly wear.

    I wear 12-13 (since 12.5 doesn't exist), mostly 13s. The SST8 in 12 are almost perfect. Still a hair big in length.


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