This is a pretty easy going site and you have a lot of latitude in your posts that you might not have on other sites.

But please don't abuse it! (Which a few have)

Everyone is free to express their questions, posts, ideas, reviews, But don't attack another user for expressing those questions, posts, ideas, reviews.

Don't make it personal.

Yes at times, reasonable people have intelligent disagreements. But remember rule 8 of writing a good post.

Rule #8: Always attack the argument, never the person.
In a casual conversation, direct address and use of the word "you" when responding to posts is entirely reasonable. It is necessary, however, to be very careful when doing so. It is surprisingly common how often posters inadvertently sleight other posters when addressing them.

Always be careful when you directly address another poster that you avoid in any way attacking them or their character. If the poster is wrong, then prove that they are wrong by attacking their argument with good counterarguments. It keeps your post more succinct, on topic, and at a level of maturity that better transmits your message.