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Thread: Brunswick Rhino

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    As Brunswick/DV8 fan, I would actually prefer the Mastermind Braniac or the Vintage Danger Zone due to their versatility on different lane conditions.
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    I my opinion the Rhino gets more length than the Ascents.

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    Bought 3 for myself and the family. Threw an Ebonite Thunderbolt back in the day with a Columbia Gold dot most of the time. My Storm Firestorm never worked as well as I wanted. Always regretted not getting a Rhino or Blue Hammer.

    So a Rhino for $100 with a nice cover is a no brainer. Spent more than that 30 years ago.

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    I love my Gold Rhino Pro. On our THS I'll use this ball after game one and it goes long and turns left hard when it hits the dry. It's been an easy ball to keep clean and I've kept it at its OOB finish.

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