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Thread: 3 Ball Roller

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    Default 3 Ball Roller

    Need a three ball roller to carry anuff stuff for two. My wife and me any good ideas I am looking at the Hammer Deluxe.

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    I've got no issues with my DV8 3 ball roller. Lots of pockets, can probably fit 2 pair of shoes if need be.

    My bag currently has the following in it:
    3 balls
    3 towels
    1 pair of Dexter SST8's size 13, in protective covers
    2 decks of cards
    2 rosin bags
    1 gripper ball
    1 compression sleeve
    1 bag of Dexter interchangeable soles and heels for shoes
    1 bottle of ball cleaner
    1 bottle of hook restore/cleaner

    I still have 2 empty pockets on my bag.

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    KR Strikforce. In fact for the money you spend on anything else you can get the KR 4 ball roller for 189$ On .we have a two ball, a three ball and her 4 ball roller that can be turned into a 6 ball roller. Keep your invoice I had a small rip in my two ball and KR with only photos of my bag and invoice sent me a new bag the day I emailed. Best customer service ever! My only problem with our 4 ball is the handle has to be pushed down a lil harder then other handles on bags we own. Not really that big a deal.

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    KR is a good bag and the 5 year warranty is nice.

    another good option at a very resonable price is the Pyramid deluxe bag. if I hadn't of upgraded to a 4 ball roller I would still be using mine.. matter of fact I gave mine to a friend and he still uses it to this day. good bag
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