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Thread: Track 3 ball roller tote

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    Default Track 3 ball roller tote

    I was very excited to get this bag. Loved the colors and the look. I have to say I am very disappointed with the quality!

    Starting from the top and going down:

    -The straps that hold the buckles that attach the shoe bag to the top will not stay tight at all. The buckles are to big for the strap I guess?
    -Take the shoe bag off and the clear top is cheap feeling and will not last over time.
    -Getting 3 balls in this bag is tight and hard. The end balls you have to really push them in.
    -Wheels are small (knew that buying it)

    Overall I am very disappointed with the bag. I wouldn't recommend it for purchase

    I have actually gave the bag to my brother and the straps are now driving him crazy
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    That's not a cheap bag so you're right to expect quality craftsmanship. Thanks for the review.
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