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Thread: Analysis and Keys of the 2-Handed Style of Bowling by Jim Merrell

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    Default Analysis and Keys of the 2-Handed Style of Bowling by Jim Merrell

    This video is an analysis of the two-handed style of bowling, highlighting key educational elements. Focus is on the set-up position at address, distance of ball placement, the importance of maintaining upper body posture until the beginning of the slide, incorporating a long slide and maintaining a balanced finish position.

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    I've been using this video for years with great results. From kids to adults so many have decided to at least try two handing so they may as well learn the correct way to do it.
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    This is so helpful! My buddy has been trying 2 handed since his surgery.

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    Great video, I have been practicing this for the last five years or so. I just need to man up and go full time. Contrary to what most think, it is easier for me than single handed bowling especially with my health issues.


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