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Thread: Ok so you are at the ball return, What do you do?

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    1. Walk up to the ball return.
    2. Pick up my ball and towel it off.
    3. Hold ball in left arm while I put my right hand over the air waiting for others to finish next to me.
    4. Walk to my spot.
    5. Put my fingers and thumb in the ball, stare at my spot, do my 4 step approach and let it roll!
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    No specific routine, I go with "it" as it comes. But once the grove hits, (usually mid to 2nd to 3rd frame) I keep routine, what ever that mayeb be.(if that makes sense)

    As said earlier, no eating, just can't do it.
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    Thumb and fingertips get a go in the rosin bag, pickup ball with towel in right hand, clean ball.hand over blower, check slide foot, line up with toe of right foot(which I know is wrong for a right handed bowler, but it is ingrained habit now) fingers then thumb in ball, target mark, draw shot shape in my mind, start approach.

    That's my preshot routine.

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    My pre shot routine is just wiping my ball off with a towel and putting my hand over the fan. Unless I start using a grip sack or rosin, that's all it consists of. I also slide my foot into position to start my stance, which helps a lot because if I got anything on my shoe I know right away. I look at my breakpoint and back to the arrows and go.

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    I do the same thing everytime. Pre release routine.

    I grab ball. Place it in my non throwing hand. Walk up to my spot. Slide my sliding foot in tight to the spot.
    Blow air into thumb hole. Place fingertips in ball up to crease. Allow thumb to slide in effortlessly.
    Flip ball over with hand underneath. MOve ball to side under shoulder and lined up with target.
    Tip my hand forward allowing pressure to lay on the fingertips and not thumb. squeeze slightly with fingertips(not thumb at all).
    Cup wrist back bit. Now turn wrist inward towards my body slightly lining fingers up at 7 oclock.

    Eye my target, take deep breath, begin approach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jord_84 View Post
    ..and sometimes I like to play AC/DC's "Big Balls" in the car on the way to the alley.
    I'm a dork lol
    I want to thank you.. I listened to that song on youtube, and the related videos lead me to the funniest things ive ever seen in my life. heres a link for what im talking about ... I had tears rolling from my eyes at these.

    ________________Anyways, my preshot routine...

    I wipe the ball off, and wait for anyone around me two lanes to each side to go.. If someone is in the corner of my eye within two lanes i completely mess up. Then i slide my left foot all the way to my spot instead of walking, mostly to check incase i stepped in something. I then get to my spot, blow into my thumbhole, get a nice feel on the ball, and go.

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    Thumbs up Ok so you are at the ball return, What do you do?

    I wipe off my ball (all the while trying not to ware out my swing arm)
    Then I move to my spot and wisper to my ball 1 of a few diffrent things "You got this" or "np right in the Pocket"
    then I remember to tell my self to bend my knees and follow through and flick my fingers at the end of my release.
    After that it gets crazy...............

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    1.I stand at the fan, drying as much as humanly possible.
    2.I grab my ball with my right hand, fingers inside, place it in my left hand in towel.
    3.Wipe the excess oil off as much as can be done.
    4.I blow in the thumbhole then fit my fingers in the ball then thumb
    5.I slide my left foot in my starting location and just move forward and have at it.

    (I try not to count boards or anything at that aspect, and maybe that i my downfall in some shots!)
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