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    A legend has returned. The Brunswick Quantum Fire Pearl!
    Anyone who was a bowler in the 90's and early 2000's will remember Quantum. This boutique brand from Brunswick was known for its attention to detail and the best performance in bowling. Well, Quantum is back with the same standards but redesigned for today's lane conditions.
    The Fire Quantum uses a pearl formulation of the new PK 2016 coverstock. This coverstock will get through the heads with ease and create a strong, angular backend reaction. The Quantum Mushroom High RG core is a replica of the original Quantum core. Each weight features a unique core shape in order to control differential and ensure the same reaction from all weights.
    Designed for optimum performance on medium-heavy oil conditions, the Quantum Fire will stand above all others.

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    Both this ball and the green one look great. It's hard to decide on which one to get. Don't think either one would be a bad choice.

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    Neither one is a bad choice, but I would go with the Forest Green first and have it drilled pin down.

    The other good things about the new Quantum's, is, the 14, 15 & 16 pounds balls have their own core so that you can get the same reaction no matter what weight you're throwing.

    They also have 3.5x more cover stock for longevity.
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    Brunswick Quantum Fire. A must have ball in your bag.

    This has to be one of my favorite light oil balls. I loved the Brunswick Melee Jab. When that was discontinued I looked to the Quantum Fire to fill that spot. The house I bowl in on Monday night is so dry so playing down and in isn't an option for me. So left is where I start. This ball is so clean and predictable.
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