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    Default Brunswick Fanatic BTU Review

    Brunswick Fanatic BTU Review
    James Goulding
    Brunswick Staff
    Speed: 17.0 – 17.5
    Rev rate: 350
    PAP: 4 5/8” x 0”
    Drill Pattern: 60 x 4” x 30 (no x-hole)

    Typical House Shot:

    I drilled the Fanatic BTU to be in my tournament bag but have found that as the lanes transition on two different house shots that I bowl on, it performs quite well there too. I tried it at a few surfaces: box finish, which I found to be a little too early of a roll for my liking, though I may go back to that on a shorter and heavier sport pattern, 4000 polished, which was WAY too sensitive to any sort of wet/dry on the lane, and then I took it to a 3000 sanded finish and that is where it really shined on the house shot. I bowled a 36 frame clean set with it last week, going games of 217, 228, 236 for a nice 681 series. I only had to move 3-4 boards all night, playing a more direct line to the pocket, but the pin carry and hit in the pocket was incredible. If you are looking for a ball that hits like resin, but has that nice heavy roll of a urethane ball, the Brunswick Fanatic BTU is for you!

    PBA Wolf:

    I was excited to see how the Fanatic BTU would perform here, and I was NOT disappointed. I took the cover down to 2000 sanded for my best reaction, playing 7-8 at the arrows, going to 3-4 at my break point. The line held up very well over five games, my low game was only 192, and my average for the day was 210. I was very consistent all day and the ball kept me “in play” which is what I want out of ANY tournament ball in my bag. Leave makeable spares and stay clean, getting strikes when you can, and this ball keeps me around the pocket better than any ball in my bag on tough tournament conditions. This ball is a real winner from the R & D department at Brunswick bowling. DO NOT hesitate to get this ball, just put your favorite layout on it and enjoy!

    WTBA Paris:

    I tried the Fanatic BTU on the longer, 47 ft. Paris oil pattern, and found that the reaction wasn’t too bad at all. I had to take the cover down to 1000 sanded to get it to pick up the mid lane better, but once I did that, it rolled great through the pins. I had games of 189 and 193 before the surface change, and games of 211, 235, 221, 238 after the surface change. Anytime I can shoot games like that on a tough sport pattern I will take it! Once again, the hitting power of this ball is incredible, and do not be fooled by how smooth it is, it retains more than enough on the back end to carry the corner pins you may leave with other “urethane type” of balls. They don’t call it “better than urethane” for nothing, it’s legit.

    In closing, I am really impressed with the Brunswick Fanatic BTU. I have never been a huge fan of the traditional urethane ball roll, but since this was “better than urethane” I decided to give it a try. I am SO glad I did! This ball does not leave my bag, especially for tournaments. If you have an oil pattern that is blotchy, or you just can’t match up with some of your regular stuff, just tighten up the line a little bit, pull out the Brunswick Fanatic BTU, and waste your competition. You will not be disappointed in this ball, make sure you get to your local pro shop and pick one up today, you’ll be glad you did! Thank you for reading my review, and thank you for considering Brunswick for your next purchase. Good luck and good bowling everyone!
    James Goulding
    Radical Regional Staff
    Moore's Pro Shop
    Driller / Consultant

    "The Maine Bowler" blog:

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    I bowled with a female friend today ( she's a retiree ) and I was impressed with the amount of flair that ball had. It went long down the lane before it turned left but it was controllable. I'm getting one for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foreverincamo View Post
    I bowled with a female friend today ( she's a retiree ) and I was impressed with the amount of flair that ball had. It went long down the lane before it turned left but it was controllable. I'm getting one for sure.
    Very controllable, very smooth and has a very slow response to the pocket.
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