Ball Specs:
Motiv Chronic Paranoia
Solid Reactive
4000 LSP
Ball Specs: Symmetric Core
Layout 50 x 4-5/8 x 40

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 4-3/4 Over 1/2 up
Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed off hand 18

The New Chronic Paranoia by Motiv is one of those balls I immediately fell in love with. It uses the Dual Density Oblivion core from the Original Paranoia but the reaction is very different. The Original Paranoia was strong and angular and got down lane very smooth. The new Chronic Paranoia picks up sooner but still reacts firm to friction and does not quit. The continuation on this ball is one of the best Iíve ever seen. I donít have a high rev rate but I see most of my shots with this ball splitting the 8 and 9 pin or just behind the 8. The Chronic hooks more than I expected, even in heavier oil. I have no fear swinging it to the dry because it always recovers. When I am ringing the 10 pin with a flip type ball I go to the Chronic Paranoia and wham, no more ten pin! The Chronic is a nice fit between my Venom Shock and Revolt Havoc. It is a little stronger than my Forza GT that I use as my primary benchmark ball, but with a heavier oil House or Sport Shot the Chronic will not disappoint. The Chronic color blend looks fantastic and the Chronic colors even pop more when polished. Did I mention it rolls great polished too! The Chronic is one of the hardest hitting balls I have. This combination of core and cover does not seem to have any over/under problems. I have drilled this ball pin up and pin down, changed the surface and put it in the hands of different styles with great success. The way the new Chronic handles multiple patterns and the confidence it gives me makes it a must have in my tournament arsenal.

The Chronic Paranoia reads the mid lane then
finishes with a driving backend and hit.
This color is eye catching and very cool.
The entry angle provides a great carry percent.
If you want a strong benchmark ball, get a Chronic!

Glenn Wendel
PBA Member
Motiv Staff
Ultimate Staff
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